5 steps to reduce the cost of light

Acklands Grainger has published a great article featuring five steps to reduce your lighting costs.  The original article can be found here, but in essence, the points boil down to the following:

  1. Get an estimate:  seems obvious, but you would be surprised.  Get a written estimate from a qualified electrician:  it shouldn’t cost you anything, and it should give you a better idea of the short-term financial impact for the long-term gain.
  2. Get a full lighting audit:  this differs from an estimate in that it is more detailed, and drills down into exact power consumption and savings.  There’s a formula, visuals and charts – it’s actually pretty neat!
  3. How do you pay for the upgrade?:  Believe it or not, BC Hydro will often give you money back for upgrading your lighting to powersmart.  And in some cases, if it is a major commercial/industrial retrofit, we can get costs down to a 0% capital expenditure output through a cool financing model.  Contact us for details.
  4. Get the work done:  Lighting upgrades are often a lot faster than installations – it can be as easy as changing out a ballast and lamp/fixture, and presto!  You’re already saving money.
  5. Sit back and count all that money in your pocket:  Once a lighting upgrade is complete, you will start to reap the benefits the minute you turn on a light switch.  And you’ll see that year-over-year, any upgrade/installation costs quickly pay for themselves.
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