A non-review of the Light Bulb Finder app from the Environmental Protection Agency

I discovered an app from the Environmental Protection Agency called the Light Bulb Finder for iPhones and Androids.  It’s an app that captures the average electricity usage of your area based on your zip code and offers energy-saving light bulb suggestions, complete with reviews on each bulb; brightness, colour, etc.

Sounds great, right?

There’s only one problem.  The app is only available in the U.S., and currently there is nothing even close here in Canada.  B C Hydro has some great stats on kilowatt-hours (kWh) and how the average consumer can cut their annual hydro bill by up to 10%, however I would love to see an app available like the Light Bulb Finder here in Canada.

So for all you developers out there, I am laying down the challenge!

In the meantime, here is a cool stat direct from BC Hydro illustrating just how much you can save by switching from an incandescent to a compact flourescent.  And don’t even get me started on LED savings!!!  (I’ll save it for another blog post)

A lightbulb used 10 hours at the Step 1 rate, it would cost you 6.8 cents for those 10 hours. At the Step 2 rate, it would cost about $10.2 cents. Swap that 100-watt incandescent for an equivalent 23-watt compact flourescent and costs would be 1.5 cents at Step 1, 2.5 cents at Step 2.

It’s hard to argue the numbers.



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