Aldergrove Scrooge strikes again!

Not only is there a Holiday Scrooge at work on our very own front steps, stealing our Santa Yoda and Santa Darth Vader from our neighbourhood children, but apparently he has hightailed it over to Aldergrove, where a close-knit collection of houses were hit hard on December 3rd.  These Saintly Santas were stripped of a volume of inflatables, cut-outs, lights and vintage decorations.

This Aldergrove cul-de-sac had grand plans to decorate the street and invite the neighbourhood in for hot chocolate and a little charitable fundraising.  Instead, they are wrapping up their dangling cord-ends, and possibly packing it in for good.

To add insult to injury, the thief also siphoned all the gas out of the cars before departing!

This is decidedly not the Holiday spirit of giving:  it is a time to reflect, give thanks for what you have and your family and friends around you, and celebrate life.  Scrooge, we here at Fitterer Electric hope you have a change of heart akin to story as told by the revered Dr. Seuss, and give back those decorations to the people in Whoville Aldergrove.

Happy Holidays?

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