Burnaby Train Derailment evidence of dark winter days

The Lower Mainland just came through a weekend of heavy rainfall warning, evidenced most clearly in Burnaby, where a section of train tracks gave way after a local beaver dam was washed out with flooding and high water.  If this doesn’t illustrate that we are still in the dark days of Winter, I don’t know what does!

All is not lost, however as we have passed the Winter Solstice and with it the shortest day of the year, and are now headed firmly towards Summer.  Sure, we have a few months to go, but we are firmly on the short end of number of weeks before more light and the Sun.

While you wait for that Sun to creep slowly closer to us, why not look around your house and see how many places you can brighten up overall spaces or concentrate on improved task lighting?  LED light bulbs offer a luminosity and sheer brightness that is unmatched by traditional incandescents or even CFL’s.  And while they do come with a higher initial sticker value, consider you may never have to change that bulb again.  Ever.  Not to mention the energy savings and lowered hydro costs.

And don’t forget to call on our team at Fitterer Electric if you need installation help or design consultation!  Our qualified electricians would be happy to assist!

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