Consumer beware: cheap LED’s are not created equal!

There is a dark side to the new light technologies available in sub-standard LED bulbs available on the market today.  These lower-quality LED’s are often the cheapest in both production and cost, yet fail to offer either the lifespan of a higher-quality LED, or the warranty to protect you, the consumer.

For example:  a traditional 60 watt incandescent light bulb costs $2 CDN, and lasts @1000 hours.  A comparable compact flourescent (CFL) costs $10 and lasts @8000 hours.  You can find a cheaper LED on the market for the same cost as a CFL, however it will not have a 6-10 year warranty, nor the lifespan of a high-quality LED, sporting an Energy Star, CSA and ULC certification.  A good-quality LED should have all of these markings, along with a 25-year life span, and @25 000 hours of use for about $25.    (Now, while that seems expensive in the output, consider amortizing $25 over 25 years versus the original 60 watt incandescent at $2/year for 25 years, and tell me which is the less expensive option!)

To protect yourself, it’s best to do your homework:  ensure the products you are buying are from reputable manufacturers/suppliers, and come with Energy Star, CSA and ULC certification, as well as a warranty for 6-10 years.

As ever, Buyer beware!

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