Electric plug-in makes Car of the Year

While we don’t profess to be motorheads, we were impressed when Motor Trend Magazine announced its’ car of the year as the Tesla Model S:  an electric car!

This electric car is no geeky shrinking violet, with sleek lines, a sporty-sedan look, and a bold price.  However, it does prove something:  the non-combustion engine is gaining ground in a land that birthed Detroit, and continuing to make inroads into popularizing clean energy vehicles.

Locally, Metro Vancouver is offering businesses charging station installation incentives. And last year,  all B.C. residents who own electric or hybrid plug-in vehicles became eligible for special rebates through BC Hydro.

BC Hydro is furthering the cause by readying the grid for a greater draw on power as these vehicles gain in popularity:  an electric car draws about as much power as your stove, with all its’ burners and oven on!

We look forward to green getting sexier:  well done, Tesla!

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