Electrical maintenance critical to a safe and happy home

You can probably ballpark when you last changed the oil in your car, right?  How about the last time you cleaned out the fridge?   (Okay, maybe not as recent as you should have, but you can at least estimate a date in the last six months, right?)

How about the last time you had the electrical panel in your home serviced?  A few simple steps completed by a qualified electrician can go a long way in preventing devastating house fires and affording you peace of mind.

Calling on the team at Fitterer Electric to perform a routine electrical inspection will include:

  • tightening all breakers 
  • testing breaker functionality
  • general cleaning of the electrical panel
  • testing the polarity of all receptacles in your home

Call or email us today to book a maintenance appointment, and remember:  rebook every five years to ensure optimum safety in your home!

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