Fitterer Electric Partners with Capilano University to save $15K per year!

Recently profiled in the North Shore News, Capilano University overhauled its’ street lights and parking lot lights, replacing older, high-wattage bulbs with low-energy devices; and guess who installed them!?  That’s right, our own team at Fitterer Electric.

Partnering with Capilano University, our team took on the task of removing old, inefficient lighting fixtures, with brighter, whiter, and power-smart fixtures.  This has resulted in brighter lots, safer streets, and a dramatically lower energy bill.  And if you are familiar with the beautiful, tree-lined campus nestled on the North Shore, you will know just how much of an impact a series of high-efficiency, brighter LED lights will make on the streets and parking lots of Capilano University.

A+, Fitterer Electric!




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