Get ready for Winter!

Hot summer days are behind us, and as the mercury starts to flirt with the single digits, it’s time to start getting ready for Winter!  Smart home maintenance isn’t limited to raking leaves and winterizing outdoor drains.

Preventative home maintenance includes regular checks of your electrical panel:  a short visit from Fitterer Electric can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  Consider contacting us today to schedule us as part of your regular winterizing program.

And while we are checking on your electrical panel, consider all those other little electrical jobs around the house that you have been putting off for just too long!

Think about upgrading your receptacles to include a USB charger for your phones and devices.  (Yes, we can do that!)

Consider upgrading your bathroom fan to a quieter, more efficient model, diminishing noise and electrical consumption.

Contemplate upgrading your pot lights to LED, both improving the light quality in the dark months to come, and saving hundreds of dollars in operating costs year over year.

It’s time to winterize!

Call us today.



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