Go Canada, GO!!!

In honour of the Olympic Spirit currently gripping this Country, I thought we would take a moment to tip our hats to all the athletes, their coaches, families and communities and most importantly all their hard work that paved their road to the Olympics.

It has been a joy to watch, a teachable moment with our family, and an inspiration for all of us to get off the couch a little more, and to push a little harder.  Don’t forget, Team Fitterer Electric is still looking for participants for our Vancouver Sun Run Team, and we would love to have you!

Most importantly, these last two weeks have brought back the spirit and joy of 2010 in Vancouver:  the camaraderie, the national pride, and the binding red and white of our Countries’ colours!  Thank you to our athletes and all of their hard work for making Canada Proud!!!

Go Canada, Go!!!!!

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