How to store Holiday lights: goodbye Santa, hello New Year!

The tree is drying out, the stockings are down and awaiting storage, and the illuminated plastic lawn Santa is looking forlorn in the cold light of January:  it’s time to pack it all away and say goodbye to Christmas for another year.

But wait:  what’s the best way to store those holiday lights?  How can I ensure a smooth transition from this January to next December?  Here are some tricks and tips from our team of Lower Mainland electricians to make holiday light storage (and re-decorating next December) a snap:

  • Wrap small strands of lights around large pieces of cardboard, with slits cut into the ends for the plugs. (*another tip is to write the location of each strand of lights on the cardboard itself, i.e. tree, front bushes, etc)
  • Use empty wrapping paper tubes for larger strands of lights, and wrap them around from one end to another.
  • Tie up separate strings in grocery bags, keeping them apart and (mostly) untangled.
  • Wind your lights around coat-hangers, and tag the tops with their individual location.
  • Separate each strand (once gathered in a neat circle) with a zip-tie.
  • Use Ziplock bags to store individual strands.

And remember, when you are taking down the Holiday display, don’t forget to inspect cord-ends for breakage, and check for general wear and tear.

Happy January!

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