Queensborough Bridge Electrical Fire: an important maintenance reminder!

The Queensborough Bridge Transformer fire early this morning serves as an important reminder to perform critical maintenance checks on all your electrical components:  Homeowners and Businesses alike can benefit from regular servicing.  Be preventative and proactive, and stop problems before they begin!

Homeowners are reminded to have a licensed, bonded electrician service your electrical panel and regularly inspect the rest of your home; Fitterer Electric can tighten connections on panel grounds, neutrals and breakers, ensuring a safe and well-running panel.  Thermostats and timers can also benefit from a check-up.

Commercial businesses are reminded that electrical and mechanical rooms need regular maintenance too!  Consider contracting Fitterer Electric for a regular service schedule of your mechanical room.  These important business hubs should be kept clean, free of dust and clutter, and have good ventilation.

Contact us today to arrange for a maintenance schedule!

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