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It’s getting darker!

The streets of Vancouver are flooding today, and when the streetlights are still on at 11:00am, you know the rain is back and we are headed towards Winter! Which brings to mind outdoor lights:  are your outside lights bright enough … Continue reading

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Summer’s here, and it’s Patio Time at Fitterer Electric!

Summer’s here, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with a cold drink, good company, and a bit of barbecue on the patio.  And with current designs and lighting concepts available for outdoor living, the patio … Continue reading

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Safe disposal of broken CFL’s

Stephen Hume of the Vancouver Sun recently profiled the proper handling and disposing of burnt-out CFL’s, or compact fluorescents, and his article raised some points that bear repeating.  For example, did you know that each CFL contains enough mercury to … Continue reading

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GE, Maytag and Kitchenaid overlook energy-smart bulbs in many of their major appliances

We have a fish tank with three fish named Nemo, Flash and Goldie.  One morning we awoke to half the tank in darkness:  one of the lights had burnt out, and all the little fish were huddled under the remaining … Continue reading

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